Washington Heights on the Radio

A quick prayer request: tomorrow (Thursday morning the 30th), two of our pastors, Roy Gruber and Jimi Pitts, will be on a local radio show entitled “Radio From Hell.” Each week, they bring in someone for an “Ask a…” segment (last week it was “Ask a probation officer”), and listeners can call in and ask just about any question they would like. This will be a great opportunity to share Christ’s love with our community. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would lead Roy and Jimi as they answer lots of questions, and pray that God would plant seeds among any who will be tuning in. If you’d like to listen, you can tune into 96.3 FM in Ogden, or listen online at www.x96.com. The segment they’ll be on is from 8am to 9am Mountain Time. You’ll be able to download a podcast of the segment online after the show as well.

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