Serve Morgan – A Weeklong Church-wide Service Project

Last week things were kind of quiet on the blog and here’s why: Our church spent the week up in Morgan, UT, a town about 20 minutes away from our church. We’ve been doing these projects for a few years now, and every year I’m blown away at the response from our church and the relationships that are built in the communities where we serve. (You can check out posts from previous years’ projects here and here.)

We’ll have a highlight video ready soon, but here’s a news story that a local TV station did on “Serve Morgan” last week (there’s a great video of the news story that I can’t embed if you follow the link):

Hundreds of volunteers from Washington Heights Church in South Ogden are giving their time and energy to bless the city of Morgan for a service project this week.

The volunteers are showing up in the truckloads. They’re working on construction and demolition projects as well as painting, cleaning and helping people move.

Darrell Eddington is a local horse owner who arrived home with a truckload of hay, something that would’ve taken him several days to move into his barn, but with the help of about a dozen volunteers, the work was done in a couple hours. “It’s kinda hard for me to humble myself and ask for help, but I needed it today,” said Eddington.

Pastor Roy Gruber says Washington Heights chooses a community each year to bless, and this year it was Morgan. “Life is good when we realize it’s not just about us,” says Gruber. “It’s about extending a hand with no strings attached and helping people in need.”

Gruber says city officials in Morgan provided them with a list of projects in the town that could use a helping hand, but volunteers have also been out looking for people they can bless.

“If we are looking to add a piece to our life that we feel we are missing, find something to do to serve somebody else,” says Gruber.

You can also check out photos and stories from the week on the Serve Morgan Facebook page. And if you’re curious how to plan this kind of “serve” project for your church, shoot me a message and I’ll be happy to get you some info.

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