Positive Facebook Story

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I sometimes tend to rag on electronic media and our culture’s embrace of such advances as a positive development a priori. So, I thought I would pass along a story about how God has used Facebook in a cool way. This comes via email (shared with permission) from someone in our community, and the names have been changed:

Linda has a friend, Sharon, who goes to [a church in our community] and is due to give birth soon. Sharon has been uncomfortable and on facebook mentioned something of her situation. Instead of just posting “I’ll be praying”, Linda wrote out her prayer on her facebook wall. Sharon has several LDS friends. Her LDS friends commented how awesome it was that someone took the time and used facebook as a means to immediately pray.

These same LDS friends had a gathering of people after this and Sharon was there. The LDS friends said something about needing prayer and asked, “Will someone pray for me.” Nobody stepped up, but Sharon. Again these LDS friends thought it was amazing that people actually took time to pray right then and there for one another. Some time passed and this LDS friend was so taken back by this whole thing, that she inquired more about Sharon’s story. Sharon shared her faith in Christ.

Next, this LDS friend received her “calling” to the young women’s group. The friend asked her bishop if Sharon could come and share her testimony at their group. Yes, she told the bishop that Sharon was an evangelical Christian and attends [same church in our community]. The bishop still said yes. So, point of the story: from one little prayer written on facebook, doors were opened and now a sister in Christ will go share her testimony of her relationship with the true and living God in an LDS young women’s group.

Pretty cool story. God is good.

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