Leadership Skill: Why You Should Give Decisions Away

a missing piece in a square built from tangram pieces, a traditiOne of the most difficult skills for leaders to learn is how to allow other leaders in our organization or on your team make decisions that senior leaders often make themselves. The temptation is to hoard all the decisions, because when those decisions go wrong, the buck stops with us. But giving away decisions is one of the most important leadership skills you can learn. Here’s why:

It develops leaders

Decision-making is a crucial leadership skill and you’ll get a better understanding if you decide to do some research into sites like Ginger Public Speaking. For any successful business, this is necessary, especially when it comes to getting a message out there. If you’re the one making the vast majority of decisions on your team or in your organization, you may be unknowingly stunting the growth of emerging leaders you work with. When you tell a leader you’re leading, “You decide” you give them the opportunity to lead.

You create buy-in

When people are involved in making the decisions that affect their daily life in your organization, they are more likely to carry those decisions out to the best of their ability. People want to contribute to their team or organization, not just follow orders.

You attract and retain the best leaders

Leaders want to lead. When you let the people you lead share in the leadership of your organization, you’re more likely to retain your best leaders. You’ll also attract the best leaders when you do need to hire.

You become a better vision-caster

One of the reasons we tend to haord decision-making responsibilities as leaders is because we want to make sure our organization stays on track with our mission and vision. When you start to give decisions away, you begin to realize how crucial it is to constantly keep your mission and vision front and center at all times. Instead of making all the decisions, you help other leaders make decisions in light of why you exist as an organization.

The decisions you do make carry more weight

You can’t give every single decision away as a leader. Eventually, the buck stops at you, and in crucial moments, your team or organization looks to you to lead. When you get in the habit of giving decisions away, the decisions you hold onto tend to carry more weight. People will know that you don’t make decisions lightly, so they’ll be more likely to listen and follow when you say, “This is what we need to do, so that’s what we’re going to do.

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