Is God Big Enough For Our Questions?

This morning, I taught a lesson to high school students at our church about the trustworthiness of the Bible. Where did it come from? How can we know it’s inspired by God? I was a little nervous about it, because it was basically a large amount of information in almost a lecture style format. Still, I thought it was information that they needed to hear, even if for some it would be lots of boring dates, archaeological evidence, and the transmission of manuscripts through the centuries. It ended up being a really fun lesson, and I was surprised at the level of interest.

During the session, I pushed students to give me good reasons for why we can trust that the Bible really is the Word of God. I said that we need to ask these questions, because God is the God of truth, and he’s not afraid of our questions. They seemed to enjoy discussing different sorts of evidence for the reliability of the Gospels, archaeological evidence that matches up with relevant passages in the Old Testament, and arguments that support Jesus’ resurrection from the dead. What really encouraged me is that some students seemed almost relieved that they were allowed to ask questions. One student who was at an event at a park afterwards said that he appreciated my openness to honest questions about the Christian faith, and that there have been times when he’s been made to feel faithless for questioning the assertions of orthodox Christianity. Somewhere along the way, we (the Church) have communicated that expressing doubt decreases our faith.

I believe that nothing could be further from the truth.

If God really is the God of truth, and if the Bible really is the inspired word of God, then questioning those two premises does not weaken them. Rather, honest questioning and honest searching will in the long run bring us and students closer to the God of the Bible. Where those of us who love youth come in is by serving as guides on the journey, to offer advice and insight from time to time. Let us encourage others to express with words the doubts of their minds and hearts and to wrestle with the difficult questions. Because God is bigger than our questions. Sometimes, he leads us to find the answers, but he wants us to find more than just answers; he wants us to find him.

“You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” -Jeremiah 29:13

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