An Interesting Exercise in Worldview and Apologetics

Below are responses to Oliver Thomas’ opinion piece entitled “Why Religion?” published August 8th, 2010. It would be interesting to take these three short responses and comments in a lesson or discussion on apologetics, worldview, evangelism, or any combination of those three. Simply take each of the responses and see how students respond to them, then frame the discussion around the Christian worldview.

Commentary writer Oliver Thomas’ piece “Why religion?” is spot on in claiming that religion’s greatest contribution to society is its ability to render life meaningful (On Religion, The Forum, Aug. 9).

But religion must also do more to ensure that man’s life is worth living.

At the very least, it needs to revamp its Scriptures by expunging those statements extolling or justifying arrogance, intolerance, disrespect, incivility, anger, hatred, violence and war. These “holy” writings serve only to provoke the indecent to engage in bad religion.

To promote human existence in a more life-affirming manner, “good religion” has an obligation to eliminate its negative scriptural provocations. Until then, the idea that “religion makes it easier to be decent,” and “helps one be a better person” is questionable.

Kilian Currey

Brewster, N.Y.


Oliver Thomas naively states that lives must have “meaning.” Does meaning have to come through mythology taught as fact as in the major religions?

Life is, and always has been, the adaptation to the changes and mutations of the universe. Religion is, and always has been, a culturally devised defense mechanism. Each life’s meaning is individual. It seems that with religion, the meaning involves war and terrorism. This I can do without.

R. Sloan Wilson

Rye, N.H.


Oliver Thomas’ “Why religion?” so completely misses the boat I was dumfounded. Religion is not about us, as his whole column suggests. It is about honoring and worshiping the man who gave his life so that we might live eternally. Thomas isn’t describing religion; he’s describing the Rotary Club.

Mitch Allerton

Puyallup, Wash.

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