Immerse Journal: Doctrine as a Scripting Agent

I appreciate where Justin Spurlock is going with this article in Immense Journal. I, too, have a sense that we need to help students be shaped by truth. The premise of this article is essentially that we continually allow our lives to be scripted by media, advertising, demands on our life from other people, rather than from Scripture. Certainly a creative way to look at it. See what you make of it:

The church also seeks to help students believe—believe in God, believe in the church, believe in themselves. Often we feel helpless and ill prepared for such a task. Not only are our students formed and pressured by culture—the busyness, the stress, the lack of time, the need to perform, etc.—but we also feel ourselves as leaders being formed and pressured by it as well.

In the midst of all of that clutter, our church doctrines sometimes seem rather flat. A doctrine of salvation, for instance, might feel dreamy at best when placed in the context of other seemingly more urgent issues of the moment. We’re unsure of how to grapple with some sort of salvation doctrine that’s all encompassing to our worldview and behavior patterns. We ultimately opt for a flimsy doctrine of salvation that’s essentially fire insurance for the afterlife rather than taking on the bold task of allowing God’s grace to change our current rhythms, practices and beliefs—to bring about salvation in the present not only for ourselves but also for those around us. That will only happen when we allow Scripture and its doctrines to script our life stories.

What does it mean to immerse ourselves in the story and teachings of the faith? How can we help our students re-frame their lives around the doctrines of Christianity?

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