Great Free, Helpful Mapping Resource:

An important part of our youth ministry is our small groups. Our groups meet on Sundays or during the week in homes, and sometimes it can be difficult to know the best location for a group, or the best group for a student based on what grade the student is in and where they live. is a free online mapping tool that we use to easily map where students in our ministry live. It’s a piece of cake to use; just export (in Excel format) the names and addresses of the students you want to map, copy and paste, and the website does the rest. It’s a handy tool not just for small groups, but for mapping all of the families in your ministry, or perhaps the schools that your students attend. The free version works just fine for us, but if you want to get fancy, there is a pro option as well. Here’s what one of our maps looks like:

When you click on each red pin, it gives you the info (name, address, grade, gender, etc.) that you’ve provided in the Excel document. Pretty handy stuff!

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