The Gospel by Word-of-Mouth

Play a little game of “what if” with me.

What if all of the traditional methods of marketing were no longer available to your church?

No signs by the street showing your service times. No Yellow Pages ads or listings in the newspaper. No website, no billboards, and no Facebook pages. Nothing.

What if the only way people could know about your church was from people who already attended?

Would it change how you teach on Sundays? Would it change how much of an emphasis you place on sharing with others about Jesus? What would be different about your church if there were a zero chance a visitor would come through your doors this Sunday, unless that person was invited by someone in your church?

Here’s a question: why aren’t you doing those things now?

Marketing is important–and all churches market in some way–because it does communicate something to those who don’t go to our churches and who perhaps don’t know Jesus. But I don’t think Jesus intended for Yellow Page ads and pithy sayings on church signs to be the primary way his followers tell others about him. The spread of the Good News was meant to be a word-of-mouth sort of thing, fueled by the power of the Holy Spirit.

So take a minute today and wonder: what if the only way your church could get the word out about Jesus was through the people in your church who already know him? If it would change how you “do” church in any way, perhaps those are changes you need to start on today.

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