Fun Video Opening for an Easter Lesson

Note: This is an opener that we’re going to use as an introduction to our Easter message in our student ministry this week (we’ll be teaching out of 1 Corinthians 15). Feel free to use it if you like it!

What would you do with $500,000? Buy a new house? Cruise around town in your dream car? Give it to someone or a cause that you know could use the money more than you? Whatever you would do with that money, I think it’s safe that things would be different–whether for you or whoever you share the money with–in some way, right?

With that in mind, watch this video:
Warning: there is a muffled but somewhat recognizable swear word at 0:15 of the video, but it’s during the introduction, which isn’t really crucial to the video itself. You’ll want to queue the video up the video at 0 minutes, 18 seconds, or edit the word out yourself. You can use this link to start the video right at 0:18 if you like:

Question: Is that guy going to get the half million dollars? Of course not! Why? Because he didn’t actually make the shot. Now, he thought he made the shot. He was ecstatic! Of course, if there was a real contest and he had really made the blindfolded half court shot, his life would very likely change, depending on what he would do with the money. But he didn’t really make the shot, no matter how sincerely he thought he did.

Here’s the point: Easter Sunday is the day that Christians around the world celebrate the fact that Jesus rose again from the dead after dying on the cross a few days earlier. But here’s what we are going to focus on today: Either the event really happened, or it didn’t. If it didn’t happen, this whole Jesus thing is no more than a sham, right? But if it did happen–if Jesus really DID rise from the dead–it changes EVERYTHING.

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