Five Ways to Reach Your Goals in the New Year

GoalsIt’s a new year. As many are quick to point out, there’s not much different this week than last week—other than that most of us have gone back to work. But it’s a new year nonetheless, and it’s a great time to reflect on the past and what you hope to be different in the future.

The way most of us attempt to shape our future is to set goals. Whether you’ve written them down or not, chances are you’re heading into the new year with some goals in mind. Maybe you had some goals last January, too, and you’re not quite sure what happened to them. How can you make sure that your goals won’t be lost in the noise of life in 2016?


Yeah, I know; this is the Jesus-y one. But think about it this way: If you’ve got goals for the future, shouldn’t they be a part of the time you spend with the One who holds your future? Or maybe you’re like me, and your goals are sometimes borne out of selfish ambition rather than a desire to serve. Any goal that’s worth it’s salt deserves at least a mention on your prayer list.

Write them down.

Writing down your goals helps you define what you hope to accomplish this year. It also makes your goals more “real” than when they’re just rattling around in your head.

Tell someone.

This is a scary one. Because if you tell someone your goals (telling your cat doesn’t help), there’s a certain amount of accountability that goes along with it. If you have some accountability, you’re more likely to see your goals become reality.

Set smaller goals.

If you’ve got big goals, you’ll need to set some smaller ones to get there. If your goal is to write a book this year, then you’ll need to commit to writing a certain number of words a day or week. Smaller, frequent, and attainable goals will help you accomplish your HUGE goals that seem impossible!

Do it together.

Find someone who has similar goals and figure out a way to regularly encourage one another. It could be a spouse, someone you work with, a good friend, or a Facebook group. If you’ve got big goals, it won’t be easy. Have someone or a group of people who can encourage you—and whom you can encourage—will help you through the inevitable times when your goals seem out of reach.


What’s missing from this list?

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