Five People You Want On Your Youth Ministry Team

One of the most fun parts of my job as a youth pastor is getting to work with an amazing team of adult leaders. If you’re trying to do youth ministry on your own without a team around you, you’re making youth ministry way too hard on yourself. Here are five people you want to have on your youth ministry team. If you don’t have them, keep searching, looking, and asking until you do:

The constant encourager
Ministry can be tough, and you need someone who will support and encourage you as a leader through the difficult times. This person isn’t a blind follower who compliments you no matter what, but rather a solid friend who cheers you on and constantly reminds you that God is still in the business of transforming lives, even when things don’t seem to be going well.

The emergency go-to guy/gal
Hopefully it never happens, but eventually, an illness or family emergency is likely going to keep you from a sermon, youth group, or event at the last minute. It’s always nice to have someone that you know can confidently step in for you should the need arise.

The opposite gender mentor
As a male youth pastor, it’s not uncommon for a high school girl to let me know about a pretty intense issue going on in her life that she really needs to process through with a female mentor. When that happens, there are a few women on our team I know I can connect that high school girl with quickly. Make sure you have at least one leader of the opposite gender that you can send a student of the opposite gender to when needed.

The “I need you to occupy the group for 20 minutes” person
Things don’t always happen as planned in youth ministry, and it’s not uncommon during an event or a trip to have a change in schedule that leaves your group milling around a deserted parking lot with nothing to do. During these moments, you need someone you can tell, “Could you come up with something for them to do while I go figure this out?”

The prayer warrior
Leading can be difficult, and you need someone who’s constantly praying for your leadership and the ministry you lead. In addition, it’s great to have someone you can text before a tough meeting with a student and ask if they would pray for you during the meeting.

What other people do you really want on your youth ministry team?

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