Video of the Week: Sermon Series on the Apocalypse

Roy, our lead pastor, started a sermon series this past week on the Apocalypse. I really enjoyed the first week; check it out and follow along in the coming weeks:

“The Great Tribulation”_Aug. 11, 2013 from The Heights Community on Vimeo.

Video of the Week: Serve Morgan Highlights

Every year or two, people from our church spend a week in a town or community near us to do as much work as possible on some homes (with some other projects thrown in) with no strings attached. This year, we hung out in Morgan, UT for a week, and over 400 people from our church spent their vacation time serving others. It’s definitely one of those times that makes me super proud of The Heights Community. Here’s a recap:

Serve Morgan Impact from The Heights Community on Vimeo.

You can also check out a cool time-lapse of some of the homes here and a 30-minute video on the project here.

Video of the Week: God’s Chisel (Remastered) by The Skit Guys

The Skit Guys have produced some of my favorite ministry skits, and I love using their videos as illustrations from time to time–they’re worth every penny. Here’s an updated version of one of my favorites:

Video of the Week: April Diaz on Redefining the Role of the Youth Worker

I caught this last week from The Youth Cartel. It’s an interesting talk on the role of the youth worker…take a look and see what you think:

Boy With Autism Hits Walk-Off Home Run in Cooperstown Tournament

How can you not love a story like this? Ethan Fowlks, a 12-year-old with autism, won a prestigious national baseball tournament for the Salt Lake Sidewinders in Cooperstown, New York. Check it out:

Video of the Week: Hilarious Jonah Flannelgraph Video

This is an amazingly hilarious video made by a youth ministry in Indiana for an “Epic Fail” series. Love the creativity:

You can see all four of their Epic Fail videos here.

H/T: Love God Love Students

Video of the Week: END IT Movement Gives Glimpse into Sex Trafficking

This is a raw and difficult-to-watch video about an effort by END IT at the Final Four this year in Atlanta to shine a light on the reality of slavery and sex trafficking. Check it out:

Video of the Week: Dove Real Beauty Sketches

My wife pointed me towards this video this week, and I thought it was a really powerful discussion starter on who God created us to be, and how we often view ourselves. Check it out:

Video of the Week: Faith Story (Jay Telford)

Jay Telford, a staff member at our church, shared via video during our Easter services this past weekend about what he learned about God when his three-year-old daughter passed away. Powerful stuff. Check it out:

Jay Telford from The Heights Community on Vimeo.