The True Meaning of Christmas, by Linus (and Charlie Brown)

A Christmas Eve tradition in our house is to watch A Charlie Brown Christmas and reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. This scene gets me every time.

Merry Christmas from the McVeigh family!

Video of the week: No Look Pass in Football?

Of course, there’s a leadership lesson to be learned here.

When you see this pass, it looks cool. It fooled the defense and resulted in a touchdown. On top of all that, it was executed to perfection. Who wouldn’t want to pull off this play?

Here’s the thing: This play likely took hours of practice to perfect. The coach didn’t just draw this up in a timeout right before it happened. Everyone had to get their part down, and they likely got it wrong several dozen times in practice before they felt like they had it right.

Was the work and practice worth it? Absolutely, especially considering the play’s been featured on ESPN and, among other news outlets. But it didn’t happen overnight. It took dreaming, vision, planning, and preparation.

What dream are you making a reality today?

Video of the Week: The Galactic Empire: 5 Leadership Mistakes (from Forbes)

I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t see something without considering how to relate it to leadership…this video from Forbes is pretty fun:

Video of the Week: Student Ministry Announcement Video

I’m loving our student ministry’s announcement videos…check it out:

Students @ the Heights announcements 10-4-15 from Students@theHeights on Vimeo.

Video of the Week: When You Make an Embarrassing Mistake As a Leader

There are times when you just blow it as a leader. I’m not talking about a moral failure here or anything that would disqualify you for a ministry leadership position. No, there are times when you simply make a poor leadership decision, plan an event or initiative that just doesn’t go anywhere, or maybe even forget about an important meeting. And when that happens, you might feel like the goalkeeper feels in this video:



The question is this: How do you react when you do the leadership equivalent of what the goalkeeper does in the video? When we mess up big time, here’s what we need to do as leaders:

Own the mistake

Confession: My first reaction when I make a boneheaded mistake that affects the people I lead is to find an excuse that either takes the blame off me or at least makes me look a little less stupid. It may make me feel better, but the truth is those around me see right through these kinds of excuses and attempts to shift the blame. Just own your mistake; people will respect you far more for being honest (even if what you did was pretty stupid).Continue Reading

Video: Noah and the Ark Narrated by Kids

The awesome video production team at The Heights Community came up with a hilarious way to introduce each week in our current sermon series, “Kids’ Stories.” Think “Kid History” meets the Bible. This past week we covered Noah, and the intro video is epic. Enjoy:

Video of the Week: Mommy Rhapsody (From Church on the Move)

In celebration of Mother’s Day, I give you one my favorite tributes to mothers. Enjoy!

For other great videos from Church on the Move, check out their YouTube page.

Video of the Week: It’s Not About the Nail

One of my favorite videos to watch with pre-marital couples we’re working with…such a great conversation starter!

(Email subscribers: if you can’t view the video, click here.)

Video of the Week: Leadership Development

Really enjoyed this video on leadership development by Mike Ely and Warren Bird. It’s a long one, but really worth it if you’re thinking of developing an intentional leadership development strategy in your church. Check it out: