How to Win at Rock-Paper-Scissors

This is a great instruction sheet from on how to win at rock-paper-scissors every time. We do a lot of variations on this game for icebreakers with students, so I just might show this the next time we play it:

The Sacred Sandwich: Emergent Candy

Hee hee! From the Sacred Sandwich (make sure you head over and check out the comments in the original post):

26 ways in which doing IT Support is better than being a pastor

I ran across this post, and it’s hilarious. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. People come to you for help — instead of assuming that, if you really knew your job, you would intuitively know they needed help, and come to them without being asked.

7. When you identify viruses, spyware, unwanted popups, and crashes as “bad,” and target them for elimination, the folks you help don’t accuse you of being harsh and judgmental.

18. When you discover a new, better, more effective way to accomplish the goals you share with the folks you help, they’re happy — not angry at you because it’s different from “the way we’ve always done it.”

Check out the whole list from the Pyromaniacs blog.

David Crowder in Costco?

No, it was just my friend, Chad. This was recorded on my iPhone at the local Costco. What began as a quick trip to Costo to order a cake (and try some great samples) ended with a time of worship. Featured is our Chad Holladay our Student Pastor for grades 6-8.

Blog: The Sacred Sandwich

I recently discovered the blog, “The Sacred Sandwich: Illustrated Journal for Small Town Christians in the Big Bad World” ( and I look forward to perusing it regularly. Here’s a bit of a “taste”:

The blog’s also got some pretty insightful stuff, too. Enjoy!

Youth Prayer Idea: Add-on Prayers

I found this idea on how to structure a time of individual and group prayer among a group of youth. It seems like the impact gets greater the more students are involved, but I’d be willing to give it a try with a smaller group of students, too. Make sure you check out the full post on the idea from RETHINKING YOUTH MINISTRY:

Each person was invited to go sit by themselves somewhere in the worship space and pray silently for several minutes for whatever was on their card. Next, we invited each person to join with someone sitting near them, share their pray cards, and pray for those concerns together. Next, each group of two joined with a group of four. We continued the process until the entire group was sitting together in a circle and we closed with a prayer together. It was a moving experience, both to pray with just one other person and also to share the different ways each of us articulated prayers for the various concerns.

Telegraph (UK): Why Apple is Catholic and PCs are Protestant

Hee hee! Check out the article:

I wrote an article for the Daily Telegraph this week in which I talked about a crucial aspect of Apple’s appeal: the way good old Steve Jobs relieves us of the burden of installation and other tedious tasks by making his designers and engineers do the intermediary work for us. No Protestant work ethic for straight-out-of-the-box iPad users! We leave that to PC customers, who peruse their tiny-print instruction manuals as intently as Calvinists poring over their well-thumbed Bibles.

The Onion: God Hinting At Retirement

Very funny. Check out the whole article when you get a chance:

THE HEAVENS—At a press conference Tuesday, God Almighty, our Lord and Heavenly Father, gave his strongest indication yet that he might soon step down from his post as the supreme ruler of all things.

Following a routine address during which God confirmed the recent extinction of several thousand species, the Divine Creator fielded questions regarding rumors of his possible retirement.

“I’ve been at this a long time,” said God, ∞, the all-knowing, all-powerful being who has presided over the cosmos since forming it from sheer nothingness nearly 14 billion years ago. “And the truth is, this was never something I planned on doing forever. Lately, in fact, I’ve begun to wonder if I should move on sooner rather than later.”

And, as often happens with satire, there is some profound truth mixed in:

“This place pretty much runs itself by now,” the Lord said. “And besides, how many people still notice I’m around? To be frank, I’m not even sure I’m much more than a beloved figurehead at this point.”

Out of the mouths of potent bulbous vegetables…

Reverend Fun continues to be one of my daily visits. Enjoy this one: